Day 25 – #spoontober

Technology has been a lifesaver! When my hands could no longer type, I found an iPad on a monthly contract, so now I’m online and loving it 👍. My eyes too have deteriorated (steroid induced cataracts) so the kindle, with its enlarged print, has been wonderful 😄

Without these fabulous things I’d be so lost, so I’m truly grateful!

Day 24 – #spoontober

Having Carole (my carer) and James (my ex) here to lend a hand is just fabulous! But they do much more than that…

I’m truly grateful that I have them to take me out to places further afield – a mega spoon saver, since I don’t have to drive 👍👍👍

Hospital visits have become so much easier, and we can enjoy days out too to places nearby 😉

Being chronically sick and disabled doesn’t mean we can’t have fun 😄. It’s just more challenging working out what works. And afterwards, when we’re feeling dreadful – as we always pay the price – we can smile at the memories.

It’s worth every spoon, flare and pain. After all, it’s better to feel bad due to fun, than just feel bad anyway, as we will, due to our illnesses.

And at the weekends and holidays I can enjoy time out with my boys too. Memories we can treasure are so important to me, and with all they do for me, they deserve a life that is affected as little as possible by my disabilities and illness 👍

Day 23 – #spoontober

Spending many many hours indoors due to fatigue can be tough, so I really appreciate having time out, just a few hours, to cheer the soul 😄

I’m thankful that I live in a beautiful village, here in England, so I can enjoy some lovely wheels out right from my front door 👍. A lovely wheel along the canal and through the wildflower meadow with Rolo is bliss. A stop-off at the environmentally kind cafe, for a spot of lunch – gluten free and healthy – is such a treat too. Or just a little trip to the shops to collect some yummy organic veg or other yummy goodies gets me out and cheerful.

Day 22 – #spoontober

Having to chill due to Spoonlessness far too frequently has it’s benefits too…

I’ve spent a lot of time making some lovely areas around my home and garden that look beautiful, so help me to relax 👍

My bed is my haven, with a beautiful bed canopy, fairy lights, wall art and cozy throws and pillows 👍. My lounge too is cozy and pretty, with a comfy footstool by my sofa so I can lay comfortably and a beautiful, hand knitted blanket from an online Canadian friend. Add candles and my log fire for dreary days, or flowers and plants on sunny days and you get the picture 😉. Finally is my garden with its comfortable seating and lots of decorations and plants to enjoy 😄

I just love 💞 my home.