Day 22 – #spoontober

Having to chill due to Spoonlessness far too frequently has it’s benefits too…

I’ve spent a lot of time making some lovely areas around my home and garden that look beautiful, so help me to relax πŸ‘

My bed is my haven, with a beautiful bed canopy, fairy lights, wall art and cozy throws and pillows πŸ‘. My lounge too is cozy and pretty, with a comfy footstool by my sofa so I can lay comfortably and a beautiful, hand knitted blanket from an online Canadian friend. Add candles and my log fire for dreary days, or flowers and plants on sunny days and you get the picture πŸ˜‰. Finally is my garden with its comfortable seating and lots of decorations and plants to enjoy πŸ˜„

I just love πŸ’ž my home.

Day 21 – #spoontober

Not being able to drink alcohol, except the odd treat of something very weak, has its positives too πŸ˜‰

I’ve found some wonderfully tasty drinks around which I wouldn’t have sampled otherwise. Nettle cordial, smoothies and delicious fruit juice combinations.

Add that coffee often makes me nauseous, and has led to my trying alternatives here too, so my experiences expanded here too. Rooibos loose leaf teas sweetened with honey, a Costa green tea, mint and lime cooler or just a simple fruity tea – delicious 😜

Day 20 – #spoontober

Pain is a horrible thing, having chronic pain is indescribable! But thankfully years of this has led me to learn techniques that help and find medications too πŸ‘

Sitting in a warm shower and feeling the reduction in the hammering pain is bliss! Laying on the sofa with heat packs soothing the throbbing is heavenly too! But most of all I appreciate fentanyl patch time πŸ˜‰

We really appreciate, and are truly grateful for any improvements in our diseases, which leads us to appreciating other things more readily, as it sets a precedent for a thankful mindset πŸ˜„

πŸ‘Ό Extra, Extra, Special Thankful πŸ‘Ό

I just have to write an additional thankful today…

I feel so very blessed!

I slept last night, after too many nights of not sleeping. Then I woke to a milder day, so my pain levels were less. Next, I racked my brains trying to dream up something fun for my youngest to do whilst his brother went out with his dad – it was a tough call as I didn’t want to travel far as it causes pain and I needed something short as I had little energy – but I was delighted to find that my son was perfectly happy just to stay home and enjoy his computer games.

I’ve had a wonderful day, just pottering with things that make me smile, watching some really good Sunday TV and having the company of not one, but two lovely cocker spaniels, as Rolo’s mum came for the day.

Finally, but then again the day isn’t over, my boys dad arrived back with wonderful treats for me! A beautiful gem tree for my altar, a scent for my car – one I’d commented on that I adore, and a pebble from their trip to add to my collection.

I truly am having the best day! I don’t want it to end…

My wonderful guardian angel is working overtime πŸ‘Ό

Tomorrow I’ll be treating the boys dad to lunch out as a thank you πŸ˜‰