Day 31 – #spoontober

My guardian angel is last but not at all least! It’s probably the most important thing, outside of my boys, to me!

I’ve had some wonderful experiences of guidance and lots and lots of help 👍👍👍

I’m truly grateful to have my darling sister, who passed far too soon (aged 43) beside me still 👼

Day 30 – #spoontober

Research into new medications is so very vital, especially with very rare diseases like mine.

I’m so grateful that the drug companies and specialist hospitals are devoting their time to research. And for allowing me to trial medications or get them compassionately.

I hope I can get my next medication this way too, as my current drug is failing 😒. Fingers crossed…

Day 29 – #spoontober

My beliefs are very important to me.

I’m pagan, and I find the rituals and beliefs extremely helpful in giving me a positive way to approach my disease, and my life too.

I’m delighted to have other pagan friends here online to share with. And I thoroughly enjoyed visiting a pagan pride festival in the summer too. Linking with like minded souls is just fabulous!

Day 28 – #spoontober

My boys have to be the most important thing in my life. Having them here gives me the motivation to get up each day and try to get on with life the best way I can. It’s also motivated my independence, as I desperately fight for them not to have to help me too greatly. Plus I want to get out and about with them too.

I cherish our time out, taking lots of photos for beautiful memories and making endless photo albums 📷. Watching them have fun gives me such enormous pleasure 😄

Thank you boys for all you bring to my life and everything you do to help me too. You’re stars ⭐️